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Our strong Research function is the back-bone through which we help clients make better and informed investment decisions for optimal returns. The core belief in value investing is the driving force of our Research Team which is setting new quality standards in Pakistan’s Capital Markets Research.

Research Methodology

Our Research Department comprises of highly qualified individuals equipped with the latest Research Methodologies. Our research methods ensure that the clients receive information instrumental for effective investment decisions. IEL’s policies and procedures are based on, and are designed to be responsive to S.R.O. 709 Research Analyst Regulations 2015.

Research Products of Integrated Equities

You can find Research Report of the day by following the link shared above, including all previously published reports by Integrated Equities.

Integrated Talk

Integrated Talk contains important news items and divides their effect on the stock market into the following three categories: positive, neutral and negative. The report also concise of stocks recommendation based on the technical analysis

Market Watch

Market Watch is a concise summary of the KSE providing factual information about the market

Weekly PSX Insights

weekly report is on the KSE indices comprise of primarily overall weekly market movement

Sector Wrap

sector wrap provide information about industry dynamics and its future prospects including leading and lagging data on P/E, P/S, P/B and other relative valuation measures

Flash Report

Flash report focused periodic financial data which helps to analyse the performance of the company.

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