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Gold Class Trades – Trader Assisted Trading

IEL is a TRE Certificate holder of PSX and is registered with SECP as a Corporate Brokerage House.

IEL brings a team of experienced professionals. Their extensive experience in Pakistan’s Equity markets has shown that investing in stocks is an excellent way of building long term wealth.

Equities Brokerage Team

IEL offers equities brokerage services to local/foreign institutional and individual clients. Our focus is on personalized client service.

Our conservative approach to risk management and our underlying investment philosophy aimed at building long–term wealth makes us the ideal stock broker for people looking to invest in Pakistani stock market. In addition, excellent order execution is supported by timely back office reporting.

Our approach to stock brokerage is driven by our belief that each investor is unique. Their age bracket, personal financial situation and past investment experience often have a significant influence on their investment decision. We therefore seek to understand our clients’ objectives and based on their personal circumstances.

Institutional Clients

Our clients include more than thirty of the top financial institutions in Pakistan, including leading mutual funds, commercial banks, and insurance companies. In a competitive world, institutional investors have a tough job outperforming the market. The fluid political and economic situation in Pakistan makes asset allocation decisions even tougher. We help our clients keep focus through research backed asset allocation and stock selection strategies.

High Net worth Clients

To qualify as a High Net Worth client, the minimum portfolio size is PKR 5 million. High Net Worth clients are provided with personalized advice on their equity portfolio from our research and sales teams. Advice is tailored to the specific investment objectives and constraints of the client. Our sales team ensures efficient execution of all trades.

i-Stocks Online Trading

Our i-Stocks Online Trading Platform caters to the diverse investment needs of equity investors around the globe.

We believe that people can earn a handsome return by regularly investing their cash in carefully selected stocks. We want to encourage more and more people to invest in stocks and learn how they can benefit from investing in this Asset Class. Investors can start by simply maintaining a balance of PKR 1,000/- in their trading account with us and paying in advance for any amount of shares they wish to buy.

Clients of i-Stocks can execute their trades through Online Trading System, our call center and various order placement channels. Orders can be placed online from anywhere at any time during stock exchange working hours. Real-time execution and confirmation on your trades can be monitored through your online trading account. It also provide 24/7 access to your account balance, portfolio holdings and statements backed by real-time stock quotes. The news and research available on our website and platform, clients can take the best possible investment decision and execute their trades with ease.


Our i-Stocks Online Trading System offers the following services:

Trade Cast – The Online Trading software

State of the art stock trading software, which runs on minimum bandwidth and internet availability and works efficiently for the likeness of online customers. Its variants are available for windows PC and apple computers as well.

Stock Prices Ticker

Another robust and speedy route to Stock market is the introduction of live PSX stock prices available on our website, computers and mobile phones (iOS and Android). Now our clients can keep track of the market no matter where they are.

Integrated Call Centre

Our i-Stocks Online Trading System is assisted by our Call-Centre. Our staff is available to answer queries or provide guidance as and when needed by the customers during office hours. i-Stocks Online Trading System customers can also place their orders through the Call Centre.

Customer Support & Call Centre

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Tanveer Hayat
Technopreneur, Founder and CEO at Cosmic Technology Solutions
I am an articulate and experienced IT professional offering about 22 years’ of progressive experience and a passion for resolving complex problems or business challenges through innovation.

Continuously promoted and challenged through software developer, team leader and head of IT Services Delivery teams’ position held during my last employment with arguably the largest consulting firm of the country. Adept at maintaining focus on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs. I am a creative, conscientious and quickly adaptable leader who develops strong working relationships and sets standards for other employees.

A computer systems analyst with intensive experience of solution re-engineering, software analysis, design and development of various line-of-business-applications including desktop and Web-based, financial applications, business applications and management information systems. I am a well organized and capable of thinking out of the box and eager to scale new heights in my profession.
I’m responsible for the execution of client projects in a timely manner, within budget and consistent with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) high standards of quality. My project involvement may encompass any project phase from pre-project sales, strategic planning, project planning and project control, as well as post-project evaluation with the client sponsor to assure satisfaction and to identify any process improvements that can be made to the client, while adhering to PMI principles and methods.

• Team Building and Management.
• Mediation and problem solving skills.
• Effective management, technical, and supervisory skills.
• Demonstrated ability to meet the needs of patrons, dependable, hard working & reliable.
• Recognized for long hours, commitment to customers, attention to detail, professionalism, and follow-up.

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