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Financial Wellbeing for Everyone.

Bespoke shares brokerage, financial advisory, and strategic development services

Public Offer of Purchase of shares of AEL Textiles Limited By Automotive Plastics (Private) Limited.


Financial Wellbeing for Everyone.

Bespoke shares brokerage, financial advisory, and strategic development services

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Established in 2008, IEL is a leading Corporate Finance Boutique in Pakistan, and offers its clients a range of bespoke financial advisory and management consulting services, business development, stock brokerage, capital markets research. The company is also engaged in innovative project development and incubation.

Our team consists of seasoned investment bankers, finance professionals and financial analysts with extensive experience, and a track record spanning multiple sectors. IEL works closely with its clients to create customized solutions and maximize delivery.

Aequitas Group of Companies

Brokerage & Financial Services Trusted by Pakistan's Top Companies
Pakistan's Largest Credit Rating Company
Leading the Way in Financial & Transaction Advisory
Pakistan's First Private Licensed Credit Info Bureau
Pakistan's Largest Media Monitoring + Rating Service
Innovating Data Warehouses & BI Teradata Partnerships
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We Use Our Vast and Diverse Industry Expertise to tailor Financial Solutions to your needs.

The IEL team has extensive experience undertaking high-level advisory projects in domestic and international sectors including Power, Textiles, Financial Services, Asset Management, Insurance, Telecom & IT, Print & Electronic Media, Real Estate & Hospitality, Infrastructure, Sugar, Cement, and Fertilizers.

Securing smart, fruitful long-term investments for individuals and corporate clients. Unbelievably easy to use for brand new investors and mature traders alike.

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Personalised advice for companies looking to realise their financial goals, powered by IEL’s expertise and extensive research.

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Carefully, thoroughly evaluating and selecting the right tactics to deliver guaranteed long-term growth.

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Providing companies and individuals with a robust financial toolkit to navigate and successfully execute major real estate projects.

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Building Long-Term Prosperity

The IEL team is tireless in its drive to create value for stakeholders by using teamwork to foster financial market growth.

Integrated Equities aims to be the best strategy, financial, and brokerage services provider in the region, with an emphasis on excellent client service.


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IEL's in-house experts

Sardar Ali Wattoo

chief executive officer

Extensive and successful history of holding top management position in leading groups. Vast expertise in investment banking & project development.

Umair A. Zafar

Head of Corporate Finance

A specialist in financial modeling & valuations, M&A transactions, fund raising, strategic analysis, corporate structuring, and IPO advisory.

Kashan Kazmi


Senior finance & management professional with extensive experience in treasury, asset management, project/ procurement administration & business leadership

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