Integrated Equities Limited

Company profile

Delivering excellent financial services with integrity to our local & foreign clients in diverse business sectors.

Established in 2008, IEL is among Pakistan’s leading Corporate Finance Boutiques, and offers its clients a range of bespoke financial advisory and management consulting services, business development, stock brokerage, capital markets research. The company is also engaged in innovative project development and incubation. 

IEL is an associated company of PACRA, Tasdeeq and MediaMonitors.

Our team of multi-domain experts focuses on corporate finance advisory services including mergers and acquisitions, strategic asset / trade sales, corporate restructuring, IPOs, project development, and fund-raising alternatives in both domestic and international capital markets.

Our Mission

As a group deeply dedicated to the long-term prosperity of our clients, we are tireless in our drive to tap into our expertise to create value for stakeholders, and to use teamwork to foster financial market growth.

Integrated Equities aims to be the best strategy, financial, and brokerage services provider in the region, with an emphasis on excellent client service.

Our Strengths


Seasoned investment bankers, finance professionals and financial analysts with extensive experience and strong track records spanning multiple sectors.


Access to a wide network of associates and institutional relationships globally and locally, allowing specific project teams to maximize delivery across territories.


We prefer to focus on a small clientele at a time, providing each client with the maximum attention, the best resources, and the fully custom-tailored services they deserve.

front-line information

Strong relationships + professional experience with top companies, banks, and media-rating services equip us with unmatched, diverse business insights.​


Compliant with all regulatory stipulations, and fully trusted by market-leading firms and individual clients alike. Your confidentiality is our priority.

Our Affiliations

Real Estate Market Analysis & Research
Intellectual Capital & Knowledge Management
Real Estate Project Development
Smart City Development
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