Integrated Equities Limited



  • TRE Certificate holder of PSX, registered with SECP as a Corporate Brokerage House
  • Provides i-Stocks (online trading) and Trader Assisted Shares Trading services, ensures complete confidentiality
  • Ideal stockbroker for those looking to invest in Pakistani stock market; conservative risk management +  building long–term wealth
  • Excellent order execution supported by timely back office reporting
  • Driven by the belief that each investor is unique – age bracket, personal financial situation and past investment experience all closely considered
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Our clients include more than thirty of the top financial institutions in Pakistan, including leading mutual funds, commercial banks, and insurance companies.

In a competitive world, institutional investors have a tough job outperforming the market. The fluid political and economic situation in Pakistan makes asset allocation decisions even tougher.

We help our clients stay focused through research-backed asset allocation and stock selection strategies.

To qualify as a High Net Worth client, the minimum portfolio size is PKR 5 million.

High Net Worth clients are provided with personalized advice on their equity portfolio by our research and sales teams. Our advice is fully tailored to the specific investment objectives and constraints of the client.

IEL’s sales team ensures efficient execution of all trades.


Our local & foreign institutional and high net worth clients are assisted in trading by our expert traders with complete confidentiality.

IEL’s extensive experience in Pakistan’s equity markets has revealed that investing in stocks is an excellent way of building long term wealth.

IEL offers equities brokerage services to local/foreign institutional and individual clients. Our focus is on personalized client service, driven by driven by our belief that each investor is unique. Their age bracket, personal financial situation and past investment experience often have a significant influence on their investment decision. We therefore seek to understand our clients’ objectives and based on their personal circumstances.

Our conservative approach to risk management and our underlying investment philosophy aimed at building long–term wealth makes IEL the ideal stock broker for people looking to invest in Pakistani stock market. In addition, our excellent order execution is supported by timely back office reporting.

Our i-Stocks Online Trading Platform caters to the diverse investment needs of equity investors around the globe. Investors can start by simply maintaining a balance of PKR 1,000/- in their trading account with us and paying us in advance for any amount of shares they wish to buy.

i-Stocks clients can execute their trades through IEL’s Online Trading System, our call center, and various order placement channels, at any time during stock exchange working hours. Real-time execution and confirmation on your trades can be monitored through your online trading account. We also provide 24/7 access to your account balance, portfolio holdings and statements backed by real-time stock quotes.

With the news and research available on our website and platform, clients can take the best possible investment decision and execute their trades with ease.

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